3 Simple Tips to Develop Healthy Habits in Your Child

Do you think that developing healthy habits in your child is challenging?

Is your child reluctant to get up early in the morning and sleep early at night? Does he like junk food more? Is he addicted to TV and never plays outside?

Well, if the answer to all these questions is “yes” and if you’re worried about your child’s health and future, don’t worry.

You can still try to develop healthy habits in your child that’ll change his life and your life too for better. Here are a few tips.

1. Make the Schedule Attractive

We all hate schedule and want to be flexible. However, having a definite schedule is always good for your health and for your child’s health too.

So, what can you do make the scheduled timings attractive? Incorporate things that your child loves with the scheduled tasks.

For example, if your child is reluctant to go early to bed or take lunch or dinner on time, have a family activity at that time, such as a family prayer or a short session of story-telling.

Children love times when all come together and have a good time. Thus, they should not find the scheduled activities hectic but fun and amazing.

Remember that everyone in the family should participate in the activity, at least till the child learns to get up, go to bed or have lunch or dinner on scheduled times.

Your child may want to do something else than sleeping, getting up and eating, e.g. drawing and painting.

You can of course shop toddler easel at Tiny Tiny Shop Shop for her. But drawing and painting should be done on a specific time and within a set duration.

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2. Healthy Eating Habits

Children in general tend to love sweets and processed foods. Parents too think that their children are eating at least something and they don’t mind feeding their children with these unhealthy things.

Instead of feeding your kid with too many sugary and oily foods, try giving raw vegetables and fruits of their liking.

Remember that when their belly is full with nutritious foods, they’ll hardly crave unhealthy foods. Try to develop a liking for whole grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, dairy products and lean meat.

If your child’s memory associate happy childhood with unhealthy foods, it will be difficult for him to break the habit of eating those foods as an adult.

3. Good Study Time

You can make your child’s study time good by implementing the same strategy as mentioned in the tip for setting up a definite schedule.

Consider having great toys, props, stories and similar things in the studies so that your child will enjoy it and won’t find the study cumbersome.

For example, you can buy outdoor toys for boys from Tiny Tiny Shop Shop and create stories from them during the lessons of English language or can add or subtract them while helping him with mathematics.

Making things fun and enjoyable for children is totally in your hands. Doing that, you can develop good habits in your children and make their future secure, happy and healthy.

Image Courtesy: tinytinyshopshop.com.au

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