Customize Shipping Boxes to Increase the Sales of E-Commerce Business

When e-commerce business started in 2014, there were limited companies who were trying their luck. The internet world is vast and therefore, the area of opportunity is more. Nowadays, there are hundreds of companies that provide online trading. This makes it easier for customers to look for anything just sitting in one place. All you require is internet, computer and your credit card, rest are assured by the brand.

Due to cut throat completion among every company each brand tries their best to attract customers and retain them. The first thing that your customer likes is your packaging. Their product should be packed in custom shipping boxes to show that you have taken special care to deliver them. This makes your customer feel special. Also, after receiving good packaging, their excitement level shoots up and that is how you’re remembered.

If you send your item in plain box, your product might be safe, but the thrill of receiving a package will not be there. Think it to be a gift that has to be packed in a gift wrapper. That doesn’t mean the package should have neon color all over it, but your brand name or logo should pop out clearly. Your logo should be clearly viewable so that the customer can right away understand. This way even if the box is thrown away, memory remains. Next time your customer will order from you to feel special again.

So how do we get started? Well, there are three things to keep in mind while customizing your ecommerce shipping box –


The first thing that should come to your mind is the segment that you’re targeting. If you know your consumer, then your packaging, style, color, design will become a lot easier. Kids, males, females, senior citizens all are groups of people that have their priorities. Your planning will also include budget, message, logo, that should fit comfortably on the box.


If you have a common product to sell and not something unique, then your hard work starts from here. There will be many competitors, but you don’t have to look into all of them. Target strong competitors and look into their packaging system. Don’t try to copy them, but make something different which they haven’t used yet. This might take some time. We don’t expect a box with wings, but something that outstands you.


As said above, customers don’t want a box with wings, but they definitely expect something unique that will be remembered as your patent. Unique packaging makes customers feel special and they will remember you in next shopping.

Good packaging not only attracts and retains customers, but it also helps in promoting brands. These loyal customers help in getting their peers which of course, increases your sales again.

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