Vaping: Quit Smoking With Controlled Nicotine Doses

We all know how incredibly hard it is to quit smoking, thanks to the highly addictive nature of nicotine, and the first few weeks are the killer, when you can’t think about anything, except taking a drag on a cigarette. Even if you do manage to get through the first month, there will always be those times when you crave a smoke, and that’s what causes most smokers to fail when trying to quit.


This is a method of ingesting nicotine by inhaling vapour created by an electronic device that heats a liquid, and the great thing about vaping is you can control the amount of nicotine you ingest, and by gradually reducing the dosage, you can wean yourself off tobacco for good. Thousands of Australians have quit using this method, and vaping doesn’t involve inhaling the many other toxins contained within tobacco smoke.

Getting Started

Search online for a supplier and you can buy a vape starter kit, which would have everything you need, plus a few choice vape liquid flavours to try. After the initial investment, it doesn’t cost much to vape on a daily basis, and certainly nowhere near as much as it costs to smoke cigarettes. From day one, you will feel much better, as you are not inhaling the many toxins that tobacco smoke contains, and by gradually reducing your daily nicotine intake, you can soon quit altogether.

Double Unit Starter Kits

A double unit kit allows you to use one device, while the other is charging, which means you can vape at any time, and for most people, this is the preferred option. The devices are ultra-small and easily carried in your pocket, and with one always charging, you can vape whenever you like. Premium kits are a little more expensive and have longer lasting batteries that can give you a hotter burn, while there is a basic starter kit that is ideal for a person who simply wants to try vaping.

Amazing Flavours

The range of delicious flavours is indeed long, and with new flavours coming out every month, you can always have a refreshing change. The online supplier would have a long list of new and established flavours to try, and you can order a sample pack of various premium e-liquid flavours, which is a great introduction. Some people really do get into vaping, and with so many different components, it can be a consuming hobby, but if you are simply looking for a way to wean yourself off nicotine, vaping might be the best solution.

While vaping isn’t for everyone, thousands of Australians have used it to quit smoking, and while some eventually stop vaping, many others continue to vape using non-nicotine e-liquid, as they enjoy the experience so much. When you think about the damage to your health and the huge expense of smoking, it does make sense to quit if possible and vaping is an excellent way to do that.

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