Why Should Your Child Play with Ride On Toys?

If you are keen about giving various toys to your child, you should include ride on toys to his toy collection.

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Ride on toys help develop gross and fine motor skills, exercise and exploration, sense of balance, spatial awareness, independence and a liking for group play in children.

From the earliest wheel barrows, ride on toys have now evolved to foot powered and electric powered ride on toys in various sizes and designs.

What are Ride On Toys?

In simple words, a ride on toy means a toy that a child can ride on. Even though a toy requires the child to sit or stand on them, it is considered as a ride on toy.

Trikes, scooters, bicycles and skateboards are all examples of ride on toys. But there are even more.

There is a lot of scope for creativity for toy manufacturers when it comes to ride on toys. Therefore, you can get so many types of ride on toys for your child.

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Power for Ride On Toys

While considering buying a ride on toy, the type of power it needs to move is an important factor to consider because that will determine how easily your child can operate the toy.

There are three general types of ride on toys regarding how they are powered.

Push/Pull Powered

Push ride on toys are powered by the force the child applies with his feet to produce momentum to propel the toy forward.

Even another person can push the toy to generate additional momentum. Similarly pull along toys can also be pulled by another person with the child sitting on the toy.

Push or pull along toys provide a great fun for children and also allow them to use their power to push/pull toys thereby creating strength and confidence in them.

Also, since they have a low centre of gravity, they prevent children from toppling and so, are safe.

Pedal Powered

Pedal powered toys allow children to generate momentum through pedaling. The quicker your child pedals, the quicker the toy will move.

Pedal-operated toys help improve coordination in kids. These toys are great for energy-packed kids to be endlessly active and have a lot of fun.

Battery/Electricity Operated

Motorised toys are a great upgrade for ride on toys. They are small replicas of real vehicles.

They are classified into the number of battery volts needed to power them. The more the battery voltage, the more powerful and faster the toy is.

Speed of motorised toys can reach as high as 10 mph. A single charge of this battery can last at least for thirty minutes.

This can help tickle a child’s imagination regarding a variety of ways she can use the toy. Children love these toys particularly because they allow children to imitate their adults.

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Image Courtesy: step2direct.com.au

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